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We offer diversified and personalized business packages serving your underground construction needs

Telephone Utility and Underground Construction                                                                                                             We install underground fiber optic and conduit.  Other services provided include “pulling of air pipe” and cable, construction of manholes and vaults using block and concrete pours, right-of-way preparation and tree trimming services.

Directional Boring
In an effort to perform work that is less environmentally invasive, Mlaskoch Excavating & Utility uses a number of state-of-the-art directional boring machines.  Directional boring is a specialized method of underground construction that directs a drill head under an obstacle and back to the surface with little of no open cutting.

Wind Generation                                                                                                   We are experienced at the installation of underground collection systems. 

Trenching/ Cable Plowing                                                                                   We use trenching / cable plowing for the installation of underground electric, fiber optic and telecommunication services. This technique is a less invasive form of placing cable because it places the cable in the ground right behind the plow.                          

Electrical Utility Construction
We are an experienced electrical contractor experienced in the installation of underground power cables and duct lines and the construction of manholes and electrical system vaults.   

Professional Restoration and Clean-Up                                                             Work site cleanup and property restoration are completed on a daily basis, as needed and without delay.